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Il y a des jours où nous n'en pouvons plus, où on résiste au pire et où on est capable, collectivement, de désobéir à la peur et reconstruire la liberté. toujours fragile. Alors seulement, comme dans n'importe quel autre coin du monde où l'on rejette l'oppression, on est capable de tout. Dimanche dernier, ce peuple s'est auto déterminé pour la défense civile et sociale d'un référendum d'autodétermination proscrit, tout en résistant à une honteuse violence policière de persécution, planifiée militairement et délibérément répressive. Ce que les gens ont de meilleur a débordé la pire version de l' Etat qui renie le droit démocratique ; ces mêmes gens qui ont décidé - libre et pacifiquement - notre futur en commun.


There are days when we can’t take it anymore, when together we resist awful things and are able, collectively, to disobey fear and rebuild the ever-fragile freedom. It is only then, as in any corner of the world that rejects oppression, that we can still do everything. Last Sunday, our people self-determined itself to defend a referendum of self-determination that had been outlawed. It resisted the shameful militarily planned and deliberately repressive violence of the police. The best of people overflowed the worst of a state that denies us the democratic right to decide - freely and peacefully - our common future. A state that has nothing but institutional violence to try to prevent us from deciding. They know that under democratic conditions, they lost many years ago: that is why they impose a state of emergency. 

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How the rupturist left movements have analyzed this political scenario? CUP published a document that shares the political analysis of the moment and the opportunities provided by the binding democratic consultation on October 1. We attach the document and summarize the theoretical framework and political perspective that pushed anticapitalist, feminist, socialist and ecologist organizations such as CUP, to play an active role in this political process.


Political framework of the referendum: facing the crisis, rupture


The Spanish Public Prosecutor José Manuel Maza, officially stated that all mayors who have signed motions in support of the Catalan self-determiantion Referendum on October 1st, will be summoned. Mr. Maza also ordered to the Catalan Police (Mossos d’Esquadra) to arrest those who will not comply. In the light of these statements, Candidatura d’Unitat Popular – Poble Actiu declares that:

 -We will not comply with the summonses of the Public Prosecutor and we urge the rest of the political forces to do the same in accordance with the Law 19/2017 on the Referendum for the Self-Determination and with the democratic legitimacy given by the majority of the Catalan people, who want to vote on October 1st.


The worst thing that could happen to us as a society is thinking that the painful attacks of the 17th of August are a kind of natural catastrophe, an inexplicable calamity out of the blue. Obviously, the attacks are an unjustifiable act of barbarism, but they reflect vectors and contexts that end up causing the danger that can appear, and unless we make profound changes in them we unfortunately run the risk that they could happen again here and elsewhere.


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